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Technology Leadership


Nidoo has the ambitious mission of solving the headache of parking in Latin American cities. 

Bogota has more than 20,000 parking facilities, of which the top 4 companies only represent 20% of the total market.  

There are more than 5,000 different software providers for these facilities and they all need to work with the Nidoo platform.


Developed parking software automatically integrated into the Nidoo platform. For larger technology providers, developed integration with their systems.

Invented an IoT hub which connects the parking software with the users mobile phone to provide simple access and in-app payment.


Nidoo lead disruption of the parking industry by providing seamless access and payment for the largest shopping center and business centers in Bogotá, simply using the phone.  20% month-over-month growth on user base.

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Technology with meaning



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