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The problem of development companies

You may wonder: Do development companies really have a problem when on average the internet already has 1.8 billion websites, plus 2.5 million apps in AppStore and these numbers grow exponentially every second? Everyone wants, needs and seeks to have a web project right now.

The reality is that many of these projects fail for various reasons, perhaps an active digital entrepreneur on average may be making between 5 and 8 websites in his life and even more, personally I have already lost count. And to a large extent these failures are linked by a lag between the customer's request, the product delivered by the development companies, and the needs of the market.

¿But then why are development companies having problems?

Certainly in my personal and professional experience and analyzing these issues with Juan Cubillos CEO of Antpack, in his vast experience as an entrepreneur of projects of various dimensions, he states that the main problem is that entrepreneurs / Clients / investors feel that technology and the processes of development is like wanting to put together a bicycle with instructions in Chinese. Everyone knows what a bicycle is like, it does not mean that they understand or know where each of its parts goes and why.

Translation, the problem for development companies is that many focus on the final product and not on the customer training process for their full understanding of the processes and requirements, and leave out the market, for this reason their customers do not They understand why they are charged those huge budgets if finally their functionality may be something simple in the client's head, although the reality is different.

This involving the client in the process is nothing new, agile methodologies recommend and help in that process, but although these methodologies are available to everyone, the task of building under this seems to be an unattractive job for many companies. developmental.

Although the ideal would be for clients to be clear about what they want and understand what reality implies is another, and that is fine, someone who is building a business or seeks to innovate from other aspects where technology is a tool that facilitates and empowers not you have to know in advance what a framework is or how to configure a cloud. Development companies are obliged to train, guide and involve their clients in each stage of the process, it does not ensure the success of the project, but it will have more intrinsic value and the analysis of these success factors will not be due to the technology itself. .

Online consumption is undoubtedly growing, and the opportunities are endless just to share some data:

  • 48% of shoppers use their mobile device to search for their products of interest.

  • 70% of buyers between 18 and 39 years old use their cell phone to search for information before buying their items..

  • Google is still the main search engine from mobile device with 96% of users; Yahoo with 2% and Bing with 1%.

  • The most important section of a Mobile Application is the item "Products", followed by "Hours" and "Contact".

  • 78% of search results from the cell phone, result in an effective purchase.

Source: https://www.alianzared.com/estadisticas-marketing-movil-2018/

The e-commerce market reached a total of 4,2 trillion dollars in sales in 2019. This figure is expected to rise to 6.54 trillion in 2022.

Source: https://makeawebsitehub.com/estadisticas-de-internet/

At antpack we are clear that the technology market is still growing and the opportunities are endless, and from our place we seek to make the complicated simple, we understand the frustrations because we live them and that is what we seek to offer our clients, eliminate frustrations.

For this we seek to accompany, train and support in the different areas of the process, from ideation, planning, market analysis to design, execution, marketing and optimization of projects, all projects for us are important and we always seek to deliver 130% .

We cannot solve the problems of development companies, but we can be a guide for all those who seek to start or grow their companies at a technological level so that they can make better decisions and increase the chances of success.

Do you have an idea or a project and don't know how to start?

write to us to help you get started.

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