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UXSEO for creating relevant websites.

It is clear that the demands of both Google and users in terms of usability and web positioning are increasing, but is it possible to design thinking about positioning?

Certainly yes! Both the UX designer and an SEO specialist are two areas that generally work independently of each other, and most of the time at different times.

In our experience developing various web projects, with startups and different professionals, who seek to sell through their website, we identified a series of moments in their maturation in terms of what a digital business requires to start building its positioning.

In general, those who are just starting out do not have someone on their team who is up to date with the web demands of the moment and that usually works against them. The stages of maturation are these: Content Creation - Website Creation - Marketing - Re web design - SEO Clarification: This is not law, nor is it right or wrong, it is just a frequent process in companies, I will explain more in detail.

0 - Content creation is key to generating a correctly targeted website. Some of the questions to be answered synthetically are the following:

a. What and what are your products

b. What are they for

c. Composition

d. Who are your clients

e. How you deliver your product or methodology of your services

1- Create a website, understanding that it is a requirement to have an online business, so they usually entrust this development to someone who, badly or well, fulfills that task.

The mistake is not making the web itself, but not being clear (in many cases) what the needs of your online business are and what your potential customers are looking for.

2- Marketing: This is where the first disappointments are generated. It requires a professional who has the ability to interpret the needs of the business. The mistake is that the marketing is executed without a well-articulated tactic, with short-term strategies and / or unclear metrics due to the fact that the website is initially not correctly structured or elaborated to capture all the relevant data of a marketing action.

.3- Web re-design: It can arrive in months or years after the initial construction of the web, when this stage is reached it is that the previous setbacks taught him that a website is not a matter of just having a beautiful online web, but of an entire structure designed for its users.

4- Finally we come to SEO, it is true that this is a relatively new request in small and medium-sized companies due to the acceleration and growth of electronic commerce after the pandemic. But as we know it is nothing new in itself.

Even the positioning is still somewhat nebulous for entrepreneurs since the evidence of these actions usually takes months, depending on the strategy used, but my forecast is that these results are going to accelerate and there will be a fairly strong organic position struggle in a short time. weather.

Well, up to here I told you how the online maturation process of a company is in general.


UXSEO is a practical name that we use and with which we seek to do things right from the beginning, taking SEO into account long before starting to write a line of code, which represents a great advantage in the initial construction of growth organic. On the UX design side; The objective is to find the easiest and most effective way to use an interface, but to achieve this it is necessary to know the user and their needs to satisfy them, for this different strategies, research and tests are used to finally give the user an intuitive interface, where will feel more comfortable and make this user connect with our message or product.

The SEO specialist conducts research on the web to identify how they search for certain terms, topics or products, where and how most queries are made, as well as the best words to position a website, portal or app. (Then it is the job of the SEO writer to use those terms to rewrite some texts on the web or generate relevant content on the blog.)

The UXSEO is to take advantage of the information from both disciplines in a stage prior to design, in this way not only is the simplest, easiest and most efficient way of navigation sought, but also in the language and terms by which they would search for it at first. and thus, I consider the construction of interlinking to connect the dynamic contents with the static contents of the site.

In detail, from the design stage we consider the main terms that seek to position and design the H1, H2 and H3 labels and from there, generate the text boxes and Call to action (from the hand of an editor many times) to seek greater interaction.

Finally, when the site is developed with the same considerations, graphic resources, images and videos can be delivered with names related to the terms to be positioned and with the pre-established labels. SEO technical settings to facilitate search engine readability are added in the final development.

UXSEO benefits

1- User research for UX and SEO research will yield very important data that can change your online business perspective. And understand the volumes of searches, the type of user looking for what you offer and the competition in terms of positioning and usability.

2- Your site or platform will begin to position itself from day 1. Technically it will, and it will take advantage of all the marketing actions and traffic to the site in a more efficient way.

3- Investments in SEM are more efficient, since all the previous data will give you the panorama to focus your ads and will undoubtedly help to raise positions in the search engines.

I consider this design methodology that we offer to be part of the new web design methodologies, (regardless of whether it is called UXSEO or not) requires a deeper analysis, but always thinking about a strategic design that generates rapid business growth.

At Antpack we seek to be at the forefront and why not? create them, for this reason our entire team is constantly training, updating and searching for new tools and knowledge that help us offer fantastic products.

Have you heard about UXSEO before?

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