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Website Design

Seijiro Yazawa Iwai


The Seijiro Yazawa Iwai organization is among the most diverse group of product offerings, ranging from energy, healthcare, heavy industries, and recently aviation.
The organization has a presence in all the countries of Central America, Venezuela and the United States.
Each country's sub-site must have its native language, including English, Spanish, and French.


Develop an e-commerce platform, without a payment gateway, that allows the assignment of sections, subsections and cross sections to ensure that products are added once but displayed in multiple locations.

Wordpress was used to take advantage of language tools and e-commerce capabilities.

The template was built from the ground up based on a wonderful Brandnew design.

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Simplified navigation, reduction in the number of errors derived from having the product in multiple places and a different but connected appearance for each business unit.

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Technology with meaning

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